Chocolate And Acne: The Absolute Truth Behind The Myth

Acne is very commonly encountered out there and studies actually show that nearly 90% (and even more than that in some cases) of the people out there suffer from one form of acne during their lifetime. Most of them experience the signs of acne (pimples, oily skin, etc.) during their teenage years and the issue is naturally solved by their bodies once they reach the end of this period. But for many of the people out there, acne continues to be an issue well into their 20s, 30s, 40s and even later on.

Understanding acne is not very frequently done and many of the people out there prefer to listen to what other people say instead of actually understanding what happens when they get acne bursts. Basically, a combination of too many skin cells, sebum and bacteria leads to the forming of blackheads and whiteheads. When they get inflamed, pimples appear. Squeezing them out will only hurt your skin even more and it is important that you do not do this because otherwise you risk leaving scars on your skin and you risk spreading the bacteria in the pus all over the surrounding area (which will lead to even more acne).

One of the most commonly spread ideas out there is that eating chocolate harms your skin and that it leads it to acne bursts. This could not be farther from the truth in any way and you should understand that there is no actual relationship between chocolate and acne. Of course, eating too much sugar or eating too many calories in general can be harmful for your acne treatment, but besides that, there is no other reason for which you should not eat chocolate. Eat small bits and you will be more than just fine from all points of view!

As a matter of fact, it has been shown that cocoa is extremely healthy for the body and that it contains anti-oxidants that even help you look better. If you like dark chocolate, then you are more than just lucky because for you, eating a bit of chocolate every now and then will actually be beneficial.

There are many other nutrition-related things when it comes to the best acne product, but in general you should make sure that you keep your diet as balanced as possible and that you eat as healthy as possible. In the end, this will be healthy for your entire body and not just for your skin!